I am willing to come and speak about the needs of campus ministry and how it is one of the most strategic and vital mission fields. I am very passionate about helping people understand that the Christian faith is a life-long decision and that the ages of 17-28 are probably the most important because almost all major life decisions will be made during this age range (career, where you are going to live, and who are you going to marry). How do we stop the 7 out of 10 from falling away from their faith during this crucial time? Studies show that only 2 of these will ever return to church. Reaching out to the college campus is one of the most strategic places for reaching people with the gospel. After the age of 18, someone who did not grow up with a Christian background is less than 6% likely to becoming a Christian, and that percentage goes down every year. Also, over 700,000 international students are in this country for education, and are vital to us reaching the world with the gospel.


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